Revealed: The Truth About Magnetic Therapy The FDA Doesn't Want you To Know...

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Studies prove Magnetic Therapy Is an Effective Treatment for Pain...

Until recently, magnetic therapy was considered an alternative form of medicine with little evidence to back its effectiveness. It was considered to be an implausible form of therapy since there seemed to be little connection, on a physical and biological level, between magnets and the human body.

Additionally, the lack of any proven effect of healing or improved health as a result of magnetic therapy also contributed to this impression. However, recent studies have begun to reveal that magnetic therapy isn’t quite as ineffective as some experts have claimed.

What Is Magnetic Therapy?

Magnetic therapy involves the use of magnetic fields to improve health and wellbeing. Until recently, it was mainly considered an alternative form of medicine and only had the backing of holistic practitioners. The latter claimed that magnets had impressive healing powers and were an excellent form of natural pain relief.

The process is quite simple as it involves affixing a magnet to the skin over the area one wishes to treat. Some claim that the orientation of the magnet is important but this has not yet been determined. However, there are also plenty of medical magnets available on the market today so that one can enjoy the benefits of magnetic therapy at home.

Is Magnetic Therapy Effective?

As with almost any form of alternative medicine, the medical profession is always highly skeptical in regards to the efficiency of any form of alternative treatment and, as a result, extensive studies have been and are being conducted on the effectiveness of magnetic therapy. These studies, though, are revealing that there might be a lot more to this form of therapy than was previously believed.

The studies have mainly focused on using magnetic therapy as alternative pain relief and at least three separate studies have found positive results. One study that was published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation conducted at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston found that magnetic therapy was effective and providing pain relief from post-polio syndrome.

The study used a combination of real and fake magnets, to determine whether it was simply a placebo effect or the magnets did have an impact. According to the study, only 18% of subjects treated with the “placebo” magnets experienced pain relief, while 76% treated with real magnets experienced relief.

Other studies have found magnetic therapy to help with muscle pain caused by fibromyalgia as well as helping patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy. In the latter case, there is evidence to support the fact that approximately 80% of people who suffer from chronic pain could find relief with the help of magnetic therapy.

The results of these studies are proving that not all forms of alternative medicine are “wishful thinking.” In fact, many mainstream medical professionals are now implementing alternative forms of treatment, including magnetic therapy, with many of their patients.

The advantages of magnetic therapy in pain relief are clear and the most important one would have to be avoiding side-effects caused by taking excessive amounts of pain relief medication. In some cases, magnetic therapy has proven to be much more effective than pharmaceuticals, which is why further research into the benefits of this alternative form of medicine is being conducted.


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